About Ertan Enginalev

About Ertan Enginalev

Champion of Competitiveness

Ertan Enginalev is a German-born Turkish-American activist hedge fund manager who loves competition, innovation, and a good fight

Ertan is the founder and Managing Partner of WSD Capital Management, a value-oriented investment firm that invests the capital of its principals, family offices, and institutional investors managing a combined $17 billion in assets by committing people, capital, and fortitude to help address the critical issues facing public companies.

Ertan is known for his unique position in the investment profession built on a distinctive process of developing outstanding assets into outstanding companies through benevolent hostility.

An outside advisor to CEOs and boards on matters relating to strategic redirection, improved operational execution and efficient capital allocation, Ertan specializes in the discovery and development of companies and special situations with a compelling catalyst to enhance shareholder value and drive growth. He is the first activist investor and global hedge fund manager in Turkey. In its first year of operation, WSD Capital Management was one of the largest foreign investors in Turkey and its Turkey-based portfolio companies generated more than $1 billion in shareholder value. Since the firm’s inception in 2014, WSD Capital Management’s portfolio companies have realized a cumulative equity value re-rating of more than $60 billion.

Committed to provoking positive change, Ertan’s work focuses on driving continuous improvement and strengthening organizational change in today’s rapidly changing world by building a culture of high standards. His variant views and passion for challenging the status quo has helped him gain an audience among CEOs, board members and institutional investors.

Since founding WSD Capital Management, he has been invited to speak on panels alongside CEOs of Fortune 500 companies and to advise global institutional investors with more than $100 billion in assets under management.

“To me, life’s all about doing what’s right rather than what’s popular, because whenever you’re focused on living up to other people’s standards, you aren’t focusing on raising your own.”

Prior to forming WSD Capital Management, Ertan founded The Warschild Group, a San Francisco-based private investment firm. He began his career as an investment banker based in Istanbul and has 20 years of experience in the financial markets, with particular emphasis on mergers, acquisitions and special situation equities.

In 2009, Ertan established the Warschild Foundation to help in alleviating the world’s most pressing development challenges through public-private partnerships and by preserving and promoting civil society involvement.

He received a Bachelor of Business Administration degree and an MBA from the University of Miami’s School of Business.

His personal interests include fighting to strengthen accountability and aiding economic growth while advancing the principles of good governance, diversity, and competitiveness.



“Throughout my career, our most successful investments have all been ones that have been bold and controversial in one way or another. And they all follow a very simple formula: Invest in outstanding assets and develop them into outstanding companies. Now, if successful corporate turnarounds make me a corporate raider, a vulture investor or an opportunist, that’s fine by me. To me, doing the right thing is just too important to let the name-calling be a distraction.”

— Ertan Enginalev