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From Pressure To Progress

The Bestie Initiatives

WSD Capital Management

Based far away from the global financial echo chambers, WSD Capital Management is a value-oriented investment firm that commits people, capital, and fortitude to help address the critical issues facing public companies.

The firm works to identify, invest, and engage in difficult and complex situations with the explicit objective to develop outstanding assets into outstanding companies for the benefit of all stakeholders.


Warschild Corporation

The world has enough talent. We are building a company that prioritizes it. Our mission is to enable the achievement of ambitious and seemingly impossible goals through a combination of imagination, resourcefulness and tenacity.

The Warschild Corporation was founded in 2020, just months into the Covid‐19 global pandemic, to pursue so-called crazy goals to build an enduring company that prioritizes people through the application of imagination to technology and business.


Warschild Foundation

We all have a responsibility to improve the welfare of humanity, to make a positive impact and protect the environment for future generations. Every little bit counts, every little bit matters. Major transformational change often starts with small, seemingly insignificant acts that later prove to be monumental.

The Warschild Foundation is an organization founded to foster progress in the social, economic and environmental spheres through private capital and by promoting civil society involvement.



“What differentiates my approach from others is that, from day one, my mission has been to do what’s right rather than what’s popular or politically correct; which, in the long run, is always more important than being the toast of the golf course.”

— Ertan Enginalev