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Make a Difference

The Bestie Manifesto

Starting is the most important part — and the ultimate hurdle — of success

It’s so easy to get caught up wondering about how things will turn out or about the obstacles along the way that we often lose sight of getting started. And yet, there’s nothing more fun than to succeed at things when people tell you it can’t be done.

First things first,

The world would be a much better place if everyone who wanted to could make a difference. I want to ignite that spark in you and thousands of others.

I’m a big believer in capitalism. In fact, I was a capitalist even before I had any capital because in its purest form, capitalism is, by a wide margin, the best economic system known to man.

That much is obvious. However, what’s slightly less obvious is how to make it work for everyone, everywhere.

We can all see that a growing number of countries are facing economic and social problems that are almost certain to worsen unless we make significant changes to how we approach technology and business. Otherwise, people with the skills to adapt to today’s rapidly changing world will see their standard of living go up while those without will have to rely on governments to figure out how to help their struggling citizens.

This is not ideal, but it is inevitable.

Fortunately, that there’s a window of opportunity to turn these global challenges into positive forces. However, we shouldn’t rely on other people to be the change. As entrepreneurs, we can all do our part to strengthen capitalism and make a positive impact. Every little bit counts, every little bit matters. Major transformational change often starts with small, seemingly insignificant acts that later prove to be monumental.

With that in mind, I founded the Warschild Corporation in 2020, just months into the Covid‐19 global pandemic, to pursue so-called crazy goals to build an enduring company that prioritizes people through the application of imagination to technology and business.

It’s going to be a difficult journey, no doubt. But experience has taught me that opportunity tends to hide where it is darkest, where uncertainty infiltrates every input and every forecast. Just keep your flashlights handy and remember that nothing worthwhile in history has ever been achieved without fortitude and a series of failures.

Bottom line: It’s always good to be an underdog. Good decisions and popular/comfortable decisions rarely ever coincide. Every successful process is the sum of its engagements and starting is the most important part — and the ultimate hurdle — of success.