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If you’re the kind of person who’s bold and ambitious, who’s willing to fight for what you believe in, and who loves to win, then you’re in the right place.

I know what it’s like to be an underdog. I know what it’s like to have people doubt your abilities, but I also know that if you keep fighting, you'll eventually reach your goals.

Don’t wait around for someone else to make things happen for you. Instead, take charge of your own journey and make room for what you want in the world.

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noun    |    best·ie    |    \ ˈbe-stē \    |    [bes-tee]

Definition of Bestie

1.   Informal. A person’s best friend.

2.   German. Something formidably difficult to control or deal with.

3.   Business. Someone who eliminates problems through benevolent hostility.